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We are a used and new car & Hilux importer company in Kenya. We are specialized in import of used Hilux of commercial trucks, pickup, vans , car
Hilux Kenya import wide variety of Used vehicles We do not just supply used cars for sale but also our service including 100% outgoing inspection of your selected used cars.
import Hilux accessories and car parts.we can supply cars with such car modifications and conversions as being van car with VIP seats & audio seats.

About Toyota Hilux Vigo

Toyota Hilux Vigo 2019 Thailand is the best selling compact pickup truck, which is marketed and produced by a Japanese manufacturer named Toyota. Toyota Hilux Vigo 20196 is certainly a good choice for those who like adventures or have large family. Hilux Vigo Thailand is a legendary vehicle and will not bother you in any type of journey or any sort of trail. It is also known as “THE INDESTRUCTABLE TRUCK” and famous for never break down on the road. Due to its reliability and durability, the army of Finland uses it a lot as it can even go on very bad roads where no other cars can go.

Thailand is a beautiful place, which is recognized as world’s 51st largest country in term of area located in Southeast Asia. Toyota is successfully selling their piece of art in this beautiful country with the help of different showrooms and dealers.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand is more than just a car. It can be used for travelling with your family and on the other hand it is also suitable for rally racing but this is not all, you can use your Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand for earning money by using it as a pickup truckToyota Hilux Vigo Thailand is an incredibly versatile vehicle, offering outstanding degrees of comfort for a occupants along with incredibly flexible use of space.

Toyota Fortuner is one of the best selling SUV car in Thailand which are available in 4×4 & 4×2. It is also available in Diesel & Petrol which do have fuel consumption of 2.5D4D, 3.0D4D and 2.7VVT-I. Isuzu is being manufactured in SUV which is also known as MU7, vehicles which caters the needs and requirements of selective users who approach us to fulfill their required standard.

Our significance to providing services is not only confined to single individuals – Corporate Group companies – industrial tycoons but also to a huge offshore conglomerate who agrees with our best possible auto-selling business keeping in view every factors of business solutions which keep them abreast with us and we get a priority from them to export to provide them with the best possible solutions to satisfy our offshore auto businessmen. We have a broader spectrum of our offshore clientele who are very much proud and satisfied with our blended auto knowledge team of talented – experienced professional expertise who give their best shot to their utmost performance on our round the clock query to stay with the international market for the best edge we have today amongst our auto competitors working since 1999 to cause a precedence in our auto trade industry.