We are a used car import company We are specialized in import of used cars of commercial trucks, pickup, vans. Hilux Kenya import wide variety of Used vehicles We do not just supply used cars for sale but also our service including 100% outgoing inspection of your selected used cars and import car accessories and car parts. We can supply cars with such car modifications and conversions as being van car with VIP seats and lighted roofing with audio seats, We have many cars on our stock including commercial trucks such as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Champ,

Since many years our company has provided greatest quality vehicles at great prices, great speed of delivery and great service with honesty.

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Best used cars are available at cheapest price in SPEED DRIVE LIMITED. We are new car specialist and used car specialist. We sell not only used cars, used pickup trucks, used Multipurpose Vehicles, used vans, used minibuses, used trucks, used vehicles of all kinds but also new vehicles. Find used cars and new cars for sale in our Full Stock List.

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